BioTechnology Corporation of America

Synthetic Organic Chemistry:

  • More than 80,000 synthetic organic compounds available for screening

  • Sample sizes range from 5 mg to 250 mg (50 mg average)

  • Heterocycles, Steroids, Peptides, Ureas

  • NMR quality control

  • ISIS Base/SDFile capabilities (PC Format)



Custom Synthesis:

  • Will consider any synthetic organic compound

  • Milligram to multi-kilogram scale

  • GMP or non GMP



Microtiter Plate:

  • More than 20,000 compounds available for screening in 364 and 96 deep well plates

  • PC Format SDFiles and hardcopy mapping for compounds provided

  • 2 mg per well standard quantity




  • Pure reagents available (i.e. amines, acid chlorides, alkyls, etc.)

  • Reagents provided neat or in preferred solvent

  • Reagents pre-weighed in vials or plates




REM Resin

Rink Resin


Ellman Resin


Kaiser Oxime







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